Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dreams of '07

MARCH 28th. 2007
Last night I traded in all my guns for gum. Like, the stick. I walked to an old conveinance store where an old man hit on me; he kept asking if I was buying something under the counter and I kept telling him no, I had stuff to sell. I took out my favorite musket and he looked in the barrel. 

"Clean" he said
"I'm a clean woman," said I
"I like that" he replied

Then he took the shaft and started pointing it at me, glaring at me in a nice way. I asked him not to do that please, you can see my soul and I don't like that.  So he turned it around so it faced him. I saw that it was an x-ray machine. Moving it from side to side I realized he had a wrench in his heart. He said he knew already, happened a long time ago, some girls fault. I asked if it hurt and he said he was a fixer uper anyway. No worries. He said he'd take the musket and asked what I wanted and I said, just a gumball. He asked if I was sure, and I was. Just wanted to get clean.

MARCH 29th. 2007
Trying to light I cigarette, I walk across the street until I bump into The Parade. Not again. Stumbling through beauty queens and bumble bees, not to mention those really huge balloons of cups of coffee. So I trip and my cigarette falls. I curse and look at who did this and its a man. He is dressed as a hamburger. Or maybe it was a crab, I don't remember. Anyway, he grabs me and kisses me hard. And I forget about my habit and then I wake up.

MARCH 30th. 2007
Too blank.

MARCH 31st. 2007
My eyes turned into a lotto box as I counted out the bills. My skin was digging holes the mountains had caved in.The sea was rushing over to whisper in my ear. Come home. Come home. Her house is much colder. Don't go. Don't go. Your mother's in the cellar. So I kept running back and forth until I got too tired. This game is hard and I'm the most valuable player.

So this Saint is singing loudly, but it sounds like flicking lights. I turned to cover both my ears, but he bit both of them off. His teeth are like broken bottles from the gasoline he chews. But I just sit there patiently until he's past curfew. Then he shrivels into socks, and I put him on my feet. So I can walk on broken, beat up glass, instead of bare concrete. 

APRIL 1st. 2007
Babies were stacked. and with glass balls we had to knock them down. It was like the stock market. Only smaller. And everyone looked like they owned a van.

APRIL 2nd. 2007
I went back to school and everyone laughed because I had the life and now I made a decision for no reason. OD.

APRIL 3rd. 2007
A twenty year old owns a ThunderCamp. It is part hotel, part barn and kids come and watch. Everyone is in love with the camp. Kids love camp! Barn! But Ghostface is waiting. The kids all love the twenty year old. He pats them on the back and shows love in his eyes, not the creepy kind. But Ghostface is waiting. And he tricked me. He pulled me into the elevator and then took a knife and tried to cut off my finger. I said no. I told him no. At one point I had him up against the wall and I took the knife and threw it out the winder. But then Ghostface got mad and chased me into the parking lot. He got in his Big Rig and I got in my car and I started racing him. My car became invisible and I guess I was speeding because A cop tried to pull me over. But since I was invisible, I was able to crash and hide in a bush while the cop pulled the Big Rig over, because it was mistaken as the speeding vehicle. The Big Rig tries to slow down, but spins out, crashing and rolling over 7 or 8 cars. We think, ahhhh, he is dead. but then it turns into a dinosaur head and eats all the cars. I look a him. He exhales. I'm next.

DECEMBER 14th 2007
My 4 year old cousin climbed up the air vent to play tin can telephone with my little sister. We had never realized you could do this until now. The excitement was there until Cousin stepped out onto a hole in the vent and fell, fell, fell. She didn't scream too much but I could feel the heat on my face and her body brush against my fingertips. I cried and screamed only to hear apologies that would never make up for what had happened. With that the word spread. Everyone was so maddened by the news that each person who heard what had happened had to punch someone and kill them. Gypsies with their pink chiffon. Gymnastic asians with their tight pants. Children at the playground. We dropped like flies until my alarm went of to go to work.

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