Sunday, March 21, 2010

A dream, a knock at the door (an excerpt)

I can hear wind. Lots of wind. A constant wurring in my ears. I open my eyes to find myself standing at a crossroads. Just like the ones i used to see in movies. The wind noise continues but there doesnt seem to be a breeze. In fact, i cant feel anything at all. 


 A knock is heard. I dont know where its coming from.


 I see black.


I open my eyes. I'm sleeping at my desk again.I always do this.


Shit. Somene is at my door. 

Damn it. Shit. 

Do i want to talk to anybody right now? Probably not. But ignoring the door will only result in more guilt added to my conscience. I'm positive my breath smells and i look like hell. I always carried the "i dont give shit" demeanor well. I realize I've spent some time thinking about this. Maybe long enough for the person at my door to go- 


Damn. My sighs have so much resignation these days.

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